Artist Statement

In order to capture the perfect picture in nature I search for rural areas where the animals and the landscape are undisturbed by man. When it comes to cities the more urban it is, the more exciting it is to shoot. The streets, the traffic and the fast pace of life complete the picture.

Jan af Petersens


    I was introduced to the camera by my father (an amateur photographer) in early childhood and started to take pictures even before I started going to school. Nothing else mattered.

     I recieved my degree in advertisement and product photo from Fotoskolan, University of Stockholm. I have worked as an industrial photographer and as a photojounalist, but I have mainly been a freelance photographer through many years.

     Today the outdoors is where I find the most facinating images to capture. Landscapes, animals, plants. You'll find breathtaking beauty as well as documented reality in my pictures. Sharp and crispy clear, perfect light. Photos to love and enjoy over and over again.

      I like to travel, but home is in Florida that has endless photo possibilities for someone who loves nature and its beauty.